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Worood Floral Boutique and Events Management in Dubai, UAE

Edmundo Buarao

Edmundo Vista Buarao, Eddie to most of his colleagues, is the master florist of Worood. His vast experience in floral arrangement and design started more than three decades ago when he was still a struggling florist back home in the Philippines. His skills and creativity were all the more honed when he worked in Saipan, Guam for eight years. Armed with determination and innate gift in his chosen field of endeavor, Eddie decided to conquer Dubai and joined the company in 1990. The training and experience he has accumulated all these years made him one of the sought after florist designer in Dubai showcasing his living works of arts in various homes, corporate offices, palaces, wedding ballrooms all over UAE.
His passion for work is strongly motivated by the humongous love he gets from his family and loved ones and the strong constant support from his own Boss, Ms. Maryam Al Noori whom he considers his mentor. Today, Eddie still continues to inspire other florists with his incessant dedication and love of work. When asked, he has no plans of stopping in the next couple of years and still sees himself busy as a bee doing what he loves most – creating marvelous pieces and excellence in the world of floral designs.