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Worood Floral Boutique and Events Management in Dubai, UAE

Raymond Baldivas

          Raymond Neyra Baldivas, "Mond" among his colleagues is a floral artist from Meycauian in the Province of Bulacan,Philippines. Raymond is a man of dreams and ambitions. Having the fortitude to find his luck abroad, Raymond and his valiant heart then travel to Dubai. It was 2006 of January when Raymond joins Worood Intraflora as a humble helper of the company. He used to observe how the Master Florist Mister Eddie Buarao makes his superb arrangements and from this he starts learning every single aspect of floristry. Due to his hard work and creativity, Raymond has been recognized by the company and invited him to be one of their exceptional florists. It was in January 2008 when he began his career as a floral artist of Worood Intraflora LLC.
          Raymond is very hardworking, creative, and always a man who aims for perfection. He believes that nothing is impossible. If there’s a will, there is a way. Raymond keeps on nurturing his skills and potential skills in floristry. Stylish and Structural were Raymond’s expertise in terms of design.  His key inspirations when doing his arrangements were the Artisans:  Daniel Ost, Robert Koene, Gregor Lersch and Marie Francoise. Raymond still continues to aspire despite being successful in his career. He keeps on believing that someday he will become known as an International Master Florist.os Hi