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Worood Floral Boutique and Events Management in Dubai, UAE

Keith John Buarao

               We can’t deny the saying “Like Father like Son”. Keith John Lenin Buarao is the son of Worood’s Master Florist Eddie Buarao. He is born in Mariana Island, Guam, USA, but undeniably a true Filipino at heart. Keith grew up seeing his father making artistic floral arrangements way back in Guam where he was born and even after moving to Dubai. His eyes and imagination were honed by watching his father do his astounding floral designs. It was in 2012, Inspired by his father, Keith realizes he wants to be like his dad and so he joined the team of Worood Intraflora.


               Keith being novice in the Industry, he desires to be unique in his own way. Bouquets are his expertise. He wants to make original designs that no one have made yet.  As all have desired, He also wants to be one of the Top Artist in this Floral Industry.