Guide To Mother’s Day Flowers You Should Pick!


Guide To Mother’s Day flowers You Should Pick!

While we should be thankful for our mothers every day, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show our moms how much we love and appreciate them.

This Mother’s Day, let us help you sort out the words you been wanting to tell and express to your moms by giving you a guide on which flowers perfectly expresses your sentiments! Each flower and its color has unique meaning associated with our feelings and emotions. Here are some tips on how to say words through flowers.


Carnation has always been a symbol of eternal love that a mother has for her children. In some parts of the world, Mother’s day is not complete without carnations! If you are sending flowers to your mom, your wife, grandma or mother-in-law this mother’s day, its good to know the colors and meaning that carnation symbolizes:

Pink carnations – Motherhood and gratitude
Light red carnations– Admiration
White carnations– Purity and remembrance
Dark red carnations– Love and affection






Did you know that in Australia, Chrysanthemums are the most popular Mother’s day flower not because it has the word “mum”in it, but because of its abundance during the month of May. Before you decide to gift your special lady here are the different colors that this flower stands for:

Pink chrysanthemums– Honest love

Red chrysanthemums– Motherly love and gratitude

White chrysanthemums– Honesty and loyalty

Violet– Get well soon



TulipsTulips with their charming colors and elegant petals are suited for both bouquet and cut flower arrangements. It’s delicate yet graceful nature perfectly associated with the contrasting yet admirable quality of a woman. If you are ordering a bouquet of tulips this Mother’s day for your partner, see what color perfectly sums up your emotions of having them in your life

Pink tulips – Happiness

Yellow tulips – Cheer and hope

Purple tulips – Admiration

Red tulips– Deep love




Lily is popular for its distinctively regal look. The timeless beauty of a lily is a perfect representation for a woman. This flowers symbolizes fertility and motherhood in many countries.Lilies come in many variety. See the colors and meaning of lilies If you wish to give thanks to the special woman in your life this mother’s day.

Pink lily – Prosperity

Yellow lily – Gratitude

White lily – Purity

Red lily – Love and passion

Orange lily – Pride and confidence



Roses are not just for Valentine’s day! If you want to treat  a special person in your life, a bouquet of fresh roses never fails.Tell mom how much you appreciate her by going beyond and order her some Premium roses online.   Here is a guide to gifting roses by color and meaning.

Pink rose – The softer side of love

Yellow rose – Friendship, happiness, celebration

White rose – Dignity, purity, remembrance

Red rose – Passionate love

Orange rose – Pride and desire

Lavender rose – Enchantment, majesty

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to show gratitude.  How big their lives impact on yours and how they make this world better simply because of their love.

Make Mother’s day special not only for Mom but also for your aunts, sisters, partner, mother-in-laws, and grandmother by choosing the best flower bouquet and arrangement  that express your love and sentiments for them.


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